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Sewing Machine Repairs and Maintenance

Common issues such as tension & timing adjustments, thread jams & skipped stitches can typically be resolved with a Machine cleaning & service.
Any parts & or labour above and beyond a machine cleaning & service will be charged at our hourly rate and the cost of parts.

Disassemble Machine, Remove old grease, apply new grease and oil, Minor repairs, Test electronics & operation. Verifying: tension, foot height, timing.

  • Quick Fix: $25 (this is for fast fixes 15 mins or less, such as troubleshooting)
  • Mechanical sewing machine full clean and service:   $95
  • Computerized sewing machine full clean and service:  $110.00
  • Serger full clean and service:  $110.00
  • Embroidery unit clean and service:  $35.00
  • Multi Needle Machine full clean and service: $90/hr
  • Industrial Machines (on site only) $90/hr
  • Travel time is billed at $80/hr for calls outs

Labour rate: $85.00 /hr