Kids Raglan Scuba Hoodie


  • Knit fabric for body sleeves and hood. We suggest medium weight jersey, interlock or stretchy french terry. Using regular sweatshirt fleece may make it difficult to get over head. AMOUNT NEEDED- 0.75 yards for sizes 0-3M to 2-3T. 1 yard for sizes 3-4T to 5-6T
  • Knit fabric for cuffs hood lining and pocket lining. We like using a medium weight, cotton/elastane blend jersey. A rib knit will work as well. AMOUNT NEEDED- 0.5 yards for all sizes


  • Sewing machine
  • Overlock machine / Serger – If you don't own one, you can use a small zig-zag stitch in place of the serged seam.

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Skill Level:
Beginner to Intermediate
Materials Included:
Please purchase fabrics from us, you get a %10 discount and we have two sweat prints as well as more than 10 knit prints.
Sewing machine in good working order, if you have a serger we encourage you to bring it but it is not required.

Kids Raglan Scuba Hoodie

$ 50.00
Includes Coffee & Tea and %10 off supplies