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Island Sewing - Services

***Please note we do not do alterations or mending***

Our service wait time is approximately 1 week at this time. Please bring your machine in, we are working on a first come first serve basis.

Common issues such as tension & timing adjustments, thread jams & skipped stitches can typically be resolved with a Machine cleaning & service. Any parts & or labour above and beyond a machine cleaning & service will be charged at our hourly rate and the cost of parts.

Machine Cleaning & Service

  • Mechanical sewing machine:   $84.95
  • Computerized sewing machine:  $94.95
  • Serger:  $99.95
  • Embroidery unit:  $34.99

Labour rate: $65.00 /hr 

Private Sewing & Serger Lessons

$75.00 /hr 

So you have this awesome sewing machine but you've never taken it out of the box, someone gave you a serger and you have no idea how to thread it let alone turn it on. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and knowledgable staff and let us help you master you machine.

Please note that any machine purchased through us is eligible for free lessons at your convenience. So if you haven't  taken us up on your free lesson, book one today!

*** all prices listed on this page are subject to GST