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StabilGlider Solvy 400.4 7"x7" - 500 pieces

Solvy™ is a water soluble film used as an embroidery topping designed to create a smooth surface that provides clear and clean embroidery. We are proud to offer the authentic Solvy™ product featuring:

  • The ideal topping to use on terry cloth, knits, fleece, and many textured fabrics.
  • Stitches that will not sink into the fabric, resulting in a crisp definition and detail to your work.

Easy to follow steps for using Solvy™:

  • Place Solvy™ on top of framed fabric.
  • After the embroidery process is complete, tear-away the larger areas of Solvy™ inside and outside of the design.
  • Dissolve Solvy™ by lightly misting the area with water. Any additional excess will disappear and be removed from the fabric during the first washing.
  • If the area is too large to be washed, any excess can be removed with a dampened sponge or cloth.
  • Please note that embroidery should not be left damp or wet for any longer than a few minutes.